Introduction to Panini and his Ashtadhyayi

Short Course on Panini's Ashtadhyayi

Language: English, Sanskrit, Hindi

Instructors: Dr Sampadananda Mishra

Validity Period: 180 days

₹5000 including GST


Recently there was a media hype about a claim which mentioned that an Indian PhD student at the University of Cambridge had solved a 2500 year old puzzle concerning Panini's Ashthdhyayi.

However, many experts of Sanskrit have who have meticulously dealt with Panini's work have disproved the tall claim. But an unintended consequence of this claim has been the renewed curiosity in the hearts of many as to who is Panini and what has he written in his work titled Ashtadhyayi.

It is in the backdrop of this, Prof. Sampadananda Mishra, Director of the Centre for Human Sciences at Rishihood University, Sonipat has designed a short course which aims at introducing Panini and his Ashtadhyayi in a very simple and practical manner.

The course is designed in such a manner that even those who have no introduction to basic introduction to Sanskrit can understand and benefit a lot from the course.

While the course is profession and background neutral, it can be specially helpful for:

  • Linguists
  • Computer Science Students
  • Sanksrit enthusiasts
  • Grammarians

Learning Objectives

The course is aimed at

• Introducing the life and works of Panini
• Explaining the scientific nature of Sanskrit
• Highlighting the need for learning Sanskrit grammar
• Introducing the history of Sanskrit grammar
• Introducing the technique of Panini
• Explaining the structure of Ashtadhyayi
• Explaining some of the most important technical terminologies used by Panini

Learning Outcomes

After going through the course the learners should be able to:

• Understand the importance of Sanskrit and its relevance
• Have a basic understanding of Panini and his Ashtadhyayi
• Understand the process of word derivation in Sanskrit
• Connect the dots between Panini's system and modern computer programming

Course Content

Session 1: Introduction to Panini and his Works
Session 2: History of Sanskrit Grammar
Session 3: The structure of Ashtadhyayi
Session 4: Technique of Panini
Session 5: Introduction to the Maheswar Sutras
Session 6: Understanding the Technical Terminologies of Panini Part 1
Session 7: Understanding the Technical Terminologies of Panini Part 2
Session 8: Process of Word Derivation in Sanskrit
Session 9: Transparent System of Root-sounds in Sanskrit
Session 10: Relevance of Sanskrit today

Curriculum Details

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