The Vedas, the Upanishads, the Gita, the epics, and the Tantric texts are indeed the bedrock of Indian culture and spirituality. To approach these texts not from a scholastic point of view, but rather to understand the living message pulsating in their words is the aim of this online course. By plunging into the philosophy of these texts, by gleaning their symbolism, and through a focused understanding of some of the significant words, verses and stories mentioned in these texts, the participants can begin to appreciate the significance of the Vedas, Upanishads and the Gita in the modern day and how they can guide us in our day-to-day living.

Learning Objectives

The course is aimed at

  • To give exposure to the Shastric tradition of India
  • To create greater awareness about the foundation laid down by the seers and sages of India 
  • To provide a deeper understanding of the essential teachings of the sacred texts of India 
  • To help drawing practical guidelines from the spiritual wealth of the ancient India 
  • To elucidate the relevance of the teachings of the ancient Indian seers and sages 
  • To introduce some of the great spiritual personalities of ancient India 
  • To explain the significance of spiritual heritage of India

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of this short course the learners will: 

  • Have a good understanding of the spiritual tradition of India 
  • Develop a love for the teachings of the foundational texts of India’s spirituality 
  • Understand the deeper significance of the teachings of the ancient Indian seers and sages
  • Grow more aware about many wide
  • Spread misconceptions and misunderstandings about many aspects of the India’s spiritual tradition as reflected in its sacred texts
  • Be able to put the teachings of the sacred texts of India into practice 
  • Gain confidence in diving further into the deeper dimensions of the sacred texts of India

Methodology: The content of the course will be delivered in the form of lectures of 45 minutes per session. The last 15 minutes of each session will be dedicated to Q&A. Session summary will be provided to the participants after each session. The recordings of the sessions will be made available for a limited period for those who find it difficult to attend the course live and for those opt to revisit the sessions. 

Assessment: Short assignments will be provided to the participants to assess their understanding.

 Feedback: Participants are expected to fill the feedback form at the end of the course and submit.

 Participation Certificate: Ever participant attending the course will be given participation certificate after the course completion. 

 Course Fee: 4000 INR 

 Duration: 8 hours (one hour per session) 

 Medium: English (participants are free to ask their questions in English or Hindi) 


Day 1: Introduction (what is Shastra and how to approach it) 

Day 2: Introduction to Indian Culture & Sanskrit 

Day 3: Introduction to the Veda 

Day 4: Introduction to the Upanishads 

Day 5: Introduction to the Ramayana 

Day 6: Introduction to the Mahabharata 

Day 7: Introduction to the Gita 

Day 8: Introduction to Tantra


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