Mantra Yoga | FULL COURSE | 6 MONTHS

Healing Oneself with the Power of Mantra

Language: English

Instructors: Rishihood University

Duration: 1-6 Months (Recorded Class)

Validity Period: 182 days

₹5000 including GST


Mantra Yoga engages and awakens the mind. This practice improves all human activities and connects us with the ‘whole’ life. How? By enabling us to do things with more awareness and in tune with the greater universe of consciousness. 

This online course cultivates a deeper understanding of Mantra Yoga through experiential learning. It delves into the power of primordial sounds, which are creative and formative. It additionally sheds light on the significance of Mantra Yoga Sadhana. 

Most importantly, the course promotes the attainment of a meditative state by silencing and integrating the mind and allowing the entire consciousness to vibrate in resonance with the Mantra. It nurtures affirmative thinking through Mantras borrowed from sacred texts, such as the Vedas, Upanishads, and Tantra.

Course Features

The course covers themes like Will Power, Self Awareness, Shraddha, Overcoming Obstacles, Enhancing Medha (brain power), Alleviating Fear and Anxiety. These have increased relevance in today’s world. 
Regular practice of Mantra chanting is known to reduce stress, enhance mental clarity and memory, lessen negative thinking, refine the senses, foster creativity, and generate feelings of happiness and joy.

Learning Outcomes 

  • Understand the significance of Mantra Yoga Sadhana
  • Learn the technique of Mantra chanting
  • Grasp the deeper meaning of the primal sounds
  • Know about selected Mantras from a wide range of sacred texts
  • Bring peace to life with Tantric Beej Mantras

    Who Should Attend?
  • The course is designed for ages 16 years and above. Anyone interested in learning Mantra Yoga Sadhana and strengthening from within can join.

Course Curriculum

The course is designed for ages 16 years and above. Anyone interested in learning Mantra Yoga Sadhana and strengthening from within can join.

Month 1: Tapping into the inner power

  • Introduction to the practice of Mantra Yoga
  • Invoking the presence of Om, the primordial sound
  • Mantras for purifying oneself
  • Mantras for seeking inner power

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Month 2: Learning the basis of progress

  • Mantras for self awareness
  • Mantras for being aware of life’s purpose
  • Invoking Shraddha, the basis of all progress
  • Mantras for the removal of obstacles
  • Practice test session

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Month 3: Nurturing courage and conviction

  • Mantras for invoking harmony and vastness
  • Mantras for meditation
  • Mantras for invoking fearlessness
  • Mantras for invoking positive thoughts
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Month 4: Moving towards enlightenment

  • Mantras for countering inner enemies
  • Mantras for inner enlightenment
  • Mantras for making life beautiful
  • Mantras for invoking supreme light

Month 5: Discovering peace

  • Mantras for self giving 
  • Morning prayers 1 & 2
  •  Invoking peace 1 & 2
  •  Invoking peace 3 & 4 
  • Practice test session
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Month 6: Nourishing the mind-body-soul

  • Mantras for invoking truth
  • Mantras for calming the mind
  • Purifying the chakras 1
  • Purifying the chakras 2
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Curriculum Details

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