Strategic Thinking MasterClass 


Strategic Thinking MasterClass

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Instructors: Experts On Foreign Policy, National Security, Defense Studies, Statecraft & Diplomacy, International Trade From Around The Global .

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Why this course?



Statecraft is about managing aspirations and abilities. Aspirations are limitless but abilities are limited. To find a balance between the two is a challenge for any leader who exercises power. Thus, strategic thinking gives us a framework in decision-making. This masterclass provides insights into the critical dimensions of governance and strategic thinking. The course provides the learners to analyze issues from a strategic perspective and formulate a long-term roadmap for large-scale issues involving nations, private institutions and public organizations. The course enables the participants to think about challenges from eclectic frameworks through experts. The participants would learn from case studies across the world how leaders have deployed strategic thinking to handle big problems and pursue grand ambitions.


VIJIGISHU was a concept drafted by Kautilya, meaning the one who aspires to victory or specifically a KING, who is a conqueror. King VIJIGISHU is placed as the central state around which the circles of influence are created by the neighbouring states. This traditional analysis of statecraft reminds us of our civilizational strategic thinking, which needs to be rejuvenated for contemporary threats and opportunities.

The purpose of VIJIGISHU-Strategic Thinking MasterClass is to ignite audiences with strategic insights of a nation. This can be portrayed through various tools of statecraft, learning from best practices of various countries (stories or narratives that the states have used) and showcasing a state's potential by opportunity and threat.

Course Curriculum



  • Creative learning methodology with 11 pre-recorded modules with 11 different experts, compact lessons on pushing the boundaries of your knowledge structure. 3 more interactions with the experts - Q&A, live session & simulation exercise.


  • Associate with the network of learners and experts through the community forum on the platform (course-specific and overall community)


  •  Unique course curriculum on foreign policy and certified learning for your professional social network.


  • Sessions from the experts ranging from Think-tank, Academia, Former Ambassadors, Ex-Military officials, Political Leaders.


Who should attend the VIJIGISHU course?

  • Professionals and students who want to learn the art of strategic thinking in decision-making. 
  • Students, scholars and research fellows who wish to take up full-fledged careers in foreign policy, defence and strategic studies, global governance and international affairs.
  • Aspiring thinkers, writers who are having either an academic background or work experience in their professional life, who wish to get first-hand exposure to global affairs.

Why should one attend the VIJIGISHU course?

  • This course helps you at two levels. First, it provides a working knowledge of foreign relations and strategic affairs. Second, it makes you utilize the principles of ‘strategic thinking’ in any important decision, whether related to professional, personal, or socio-political life.

  • A variety of experts from leading institutions and organisations on the subject matter have produced high quality and a niche offering on strategic thinking. This offering embeds the skill of strategic thinking among the learners enabling them to participate in a grand narrative (grand strategy) for their nation.

When does enrolment start and when will the learner get a certificate?

The enrolment period is around the year with the culmination of each batch in summers and winters.In each cohort round,  learner would get the window of 120 days to complete the content, with interactive sessions in the next 30 day window. Completing upon which, will be getting a certificate for the programme in each round as the new cohort starts from March and September, biannually.

First-round interactive session in July and get a certificate in August. Second round interactive session in Dec- Jan and get a certificate in January.

How do I sign up for the course? Can I share the password with friends who want to watch the course?

One can navigate the course on the landing page of the programme, register and complete the payment, and then start the course through login details received on the email. The login details will be limited to 2 devices only. He/She can look for the referral codes for their friends.

Are the evaluations after every session necessary to complete the course? How long are the evaluations after each session?

Yes, it is a sequential learning pattern for the programme and the learner has to complete the overall curriculum design of the course.

Can I bundle up my programme with other online/executive programme offerings of the institute?

Yes, you can bundle it with the other programmes to be offered by the Institution. You can further bundle up your offerings with other courses over the annual year of the platform.

Will there be any refund of the fees, if one does not complete the course due to any circumstances?

No. The one-time payment for the programme is not refundable under any circumstances.

How do I report any issues with the course? Also, where do i approach for any navigation relation queries?

You can reach out on the community page to the admin or write to us

Panel Discussion and Launch

Erudite scholars on the Panel - "Strategic Culture in India"

Felicitation at the Rishihood University

VIJIGISHU - Strategic Thinking MasterClass Launch


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