Certificate Workshop on Foreign Policy

Discover the Art of Strategic Thinking

Instructors: With this perspective, the workshop aims to explore the key concepts, schools of thought, and instruments in foreign policy with the foundation of the civilisational strategic thinking frameworks.

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Globalisation has connected the world politically, socially, and economically. The relationships between international leaders and governments have vital significance in the pursuit of foreign policy objectives. Moreover, several internal and external factors affect the decision making process in diplomacy.

Features & Learning Outcomes

The workshop includes topical sessions delivered by experts in the field of foreign policy and international affairs. You will explore different themes and their application for different states and non-states actors, understanding their relevance in the international realm.

  • Globalisation & Foreign Policy
  • India & Its Neighbourhood
  • Sovereign Interest & International Law
  • Conflict & Cooperation Among Major Powers

During this interactive workshop, you will also learn about the art of strategic thinking and its various elements. Strategic thinking is purpose-oriented, research-driven, time-sensitive, and based on systems perspective, focus and flexibility. These fundamentals are transferable to decision making scenarios in all walks of life.

*Certificates will only be provided to the learners who have attended all the workshop sessions.

** 30% Scholarship to the course on Strategic Thinking - VIJIGISHU, will be provided to learners who have attended this workshop completely.

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