Sri Aurobindo - The Rishi Of India's Renaissance - Module - 8

A Year-Long Course On His Life & Works

Language: English, Hindi

Instructors: Dr Sampadananda Mishra

Duration:  1 Year Course, 12 Modules spread across 12 months

₹1999 including GST


Sri Aurobindo’s teachings transcend time and space. As we approach the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo, on 15th August 2022, this 150 hours course will reflect on his life & diverse works in the fields of politics, Indian civilisation & its renaissance, education, arts & literature, consciousness and evolution, Integral Yoga, Vedas and shastras among many others. It attempts to spread Sri Aurobindo’s knowledge for solving contemporary problems and attaining spiritual unity of mankind. This course will give you an insight on the thoughts of one of the greatest intellectuals to tread amongst us.

Module 8: An Introduction to the Essays on Gita

  • 12 Sessions
  • 8 Instructors
  • 5 – 6 PM IST, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

  1. Introduction to the Gita as a Yoga Shastra
  2. The Most Difficult Dilemma of Human Life – Crisis of Arjuna
  3. Buddhiyoga – The Yoga of the Intelligent Will
  4. Integral Karmayoga – Spirituality in Work
  5. Avatarhood – Divine Birth, Divine work and the Secret of the Divine Incarnation
  6. The VIsion of Equal Brahman – Oneness of Sankhya and Yoga
  7. Vision of the Supreme and His Vibhutis
  8. Bhaktiyoga – The Yoga of Love and Devotion
  9. Beyond the Triplicity of the Gunas
  10. Purushottama and Paraprakriti – The Two Major-conceptions of the Gita
  11. Svabhava and Svadharma – One’s True Nature and One’s Right Law of Action
  12. The Core Teachings of the Gita


Dr. Sampadananda Mishra

Professor- Rashtram School of Public Leadership

Dr. Mala Kapadia

Professor & Director of Centre for Wellbeing and Wellness, Rashtram

Ms. Gitanjali JB

Founding CEO & Dean- Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh

Dr. Ramesh Lal Bijlani

Trustee, Sri Aurobindo Ashram- Delhi Branch

Prof. Devdas Menon

Professor- IIT Madras

Dr. Alok Pandey

Doctor, Author & Motivational Speaker - Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Sh. Ramachandra Roddam

Trustee & Administrator- Ekathara Kalari Trust

Swami Viswanath

Spiritual Teacher

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